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Kyoto Station branch Kyoto Uji Tea, Itohkyuemon

Our branch in front of Kyoto Station
Here we sell genuine artisanal Uji green tea that has been grown using traditional techniques, as well as luxurious sweets made with freshly ground matcha tea from Uji.

Uji green tea is for sale at our stores, as well as liqueurs and chilled sweets made with green tea.
(Please note that there is no cafe at our store in front of Kyoto Station.)

Staff: Kiko Fujita
Staff: Takako Fujita

Our store is a five minute walk from Kyoto Station.
We carry many different types of green tea, as well as sweets made with matcha.
Our staff will be pleased to show you all the fine points that have made Uji tea so highly regarded, either through English or the international language of gestures.
So why not stop by and taste for yourself the delicious flavor of Uji tea?
We are sure you will be pleased.