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The Byodoin branch Kyoto Uji Tea, Itohkyuemon

We are located along the Byodoin shopping strip were the aroma of sweet Uji tea lingers in the air.
Enjoy recommended Uji tea poured by the practiced hand of our skilled and experienced shop staff at no charge.
When you visit the national treasure, Byodoin is most definitely worth your while to stop by the shop for a taste of our delicious Uji tea.

Store front

※Please note that there is no café at our Byodoin store.

Many tea names were originally created by the head monks of famous temples.
As well as tea and Matcha sweets, we also offer utensils for the brewing of tea.

Ujiko mochi is a traditional Japanese sweet made from sticky rice that has been coated with a powder made from Uji green tea. It is the most popular item at our Byodoin store, where we also sell green tea liqueurs and various sweets made with green tea.

"Ujikomochi" popular in the Byodoin branch

Green tea liqueurs for sale

Staff: Eiko Toyonaga
Staff: Eiko Toyonaga

"The things I enjoy most are watching tea brewing demonstrations taking place in the store…
The words 'That was delicious' as customers comment on how nice Uji Matcha tastes…
Answering questions about Uji Matcha that turn into lively conversations…
If a visit to Itohkyuemon can be remembered as a highlight of your travels then that would make me very happy."